Wipe Out Awards:

The Wipe Out Graffiti award is given quarterly to individuals who take on the challenge of fighting graffiti that they witness in their neighborhoods. Working with the Anaheim Police Department, the Wipe Out Graffiti program helps catch graffiti perpetrators and see that they are charged for their crimes, helping to maintain a community free of graffiti and other related crimes.  Wipe Out Graffiti Awards are presented at Anaheim Beautiful’s quarterly luncheons and annual Gala. At the 2016 Gala, Anaheim Beautiful President Sandra Sagert presented the award to Alex Escobar.

To report Graffiti, please follow these steps:

By phone:  Call 311 or 714.765.4311.  If you witness graffiti in progress, do not intervene, call 911.

Online: Visit the Anaheim Anytime Website.

Download the My Anaheim App for iPhone or Android where you can report graffiti directly from your phone or tablet.

If you would like to nominate someone for Anaheim Beautiful’s Wipe Out Graffiti award, please complete the following information: