Standing Rules

May be amended or repealed at any regular Board of Directors Meeting by a majority vote, after a quorum has been established. (9-17-03)

#1. Criteria for judging property: (10-15-03)

Residential: Only that which is visible from the street should be considered. Public cannot see into backyards.

Other Properties: Usually have driveways or parking areas at rear of buildings. (Multi-residential, Commercial/Industrial, Institutional)

#2 Activated Thelma Jordan Scholarship Committee (11-19-03)

#3 Copies of all communications generated by, &/or for Anaheim Beautiful will be forwarded to Secretary for inclusion into Anaheim Beautiful Official Minutes Record.

#4 Projects under Campus Beautiful will be individually designated. (1-21-03)

#5 Public buildings nominated by a professional staff are not eligible for award recognition. (1996 & reaffirmed on 11-23-04)

#6 Tree Policy: (5-04)

a) Multiple trees sponsored in the memory of a specific individual will be planted in the same general location.

b) A tree is planted when fully funded. At the end of six (6) months, the Primary Sponsor will be advised of the status of that tree fund.

c) If not fully funded contribution will be refunded to the donor(s) or Anaheim Beautiful may be authorized to forward the amount to the Thelma Jordan Scholarship Fund in the name of the Honorary.

d) Thelma Jordan Scholarship(s) will be granted to a student attending a school in the City of Anaheim.

#7 Multiple Participants: (3-16-05)

If an entire street/section or neighborhood is involved in the decorating project, Certificates suitable for framing will be awarded to each participating address, apartment or unit.