The Thelma Jordon Scholarship Program

In 2003, Anaheim Beautiful initiated the Thelma Jordan Scholarship Program. The scholarship provides grants to graduating high school students and other individuals who are residents of Anaheim. Applicants must be furthering their education in the following fields: Conservation, Restoration, Urban Development, forestry, Landscaping, Architecture, Energy Development, Agricultural Management, Atmospheric Science, Environmental Biology, Hydrology, Wildlife Preservation, Rangeland Resources, Soil and Water Science, or any field related to the environment.

The deadline for applications is the end of each year. Please CLICK HERE to download the application in PDF format. Questions regarding the Scholarship Program may be directed to

Thelma Jordan Scholarship Winners Noah Gangoso and Grace Sohn with Esther Wallace, Scholarship Coordinator

The Sally White Award Program

Sally White Award Winner Pat Pina

In 2004, the Sally White Award was inaugurated. Margie Hilgenfeld-Field was the first recipient. The award is presented in recognition of a person’s efforts to continually seek ways to make Anaheim a better city. Through involvement in civic, philanthropic, social, and historical organizations, avenues are developed toward this goal. Sally White was one who worked diligently to pull the city and the community together by ascertaining needs and seeking solutions. The award is presented each year at Anaheim Beautiful’s annual Gala.

Anaheim Unsung Heroes

There are many individuals, organizations and groups of people who go about their daily lives quietly doing wonderful things for other people. This award is meant to single them out and say “Anaheim appreciates what you do.  The Unsung Heroes Award is presented annually at Anaheim Beautiful Gala. Suggestions of a deserving recipient should be sent to by an email to

Unsung Hero Award Republic Services Brenda McGuire and Lisa Robles