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About Us

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Educating Our Citizens

Anaheim Beautiful’s mission cannot be achieved without the furthering of understanding through education of our citizens of all ages.  Each one of our programs is geared in some way to inform those who live and work in Anaheim about the importance of protecting their environment, from their schools to their homes and businesses.

Helping Our Neighbors

Not everyone has the resources of time or funds to maintain their neighborhoods in the ways they would like.  Unfortunately, the battles against graffiti, litter and needed maintenance take hold of areas in our City.  Our programs, such as Adopt-A-Neighborhood, community clean ups and the Wipe Out Graffiti all rely on the community coming together to help one and all.

Protecting Our Environment

Nearly every Anaheim Beautiful program in some way includes a component that encourages and promotes the protection of our environment.  One of our newest programs, the Environmental Bus Program will bring fifth grade students directly to a recycling facility to show them how the choices they make now, will matter in the future.

Remembering and Honoring

It is important for us to always remember and honor those who have served our community, our country and or have been special in our lives.  Two Anaheim Beautiful programs  keep these remembrances strong, our Margie Hilgenfeld Tree Memorial program beautifies our parks in memory of loved ones.  Our Raise the Flag effort ensures that those who have valiantly served our country, will not be forgotten.

Keeping Our City Looking Great

Recognizing residents and business owners who go the distance in keeping their properties in the best of shape has long been one of Anaheim Beautiful’s most satisfying programs.  Property awards in both the residential and commercial categories are awarded quarterly.  And, just in time for the holidays, homes and businesses can really spruce up to be part of our Holiday Lights contest.

Working Together

No organization can tackle its goals and objectives on its own.  It needs a team of committed partners to make things happen. Anaheim Beautiful is fortunate to have a strong membership base, a host of community and business partners and dedicated sponsors who never hesitate to lend a willing hand to make a difference by joining together and combining resources to get things done.

Who We Are

Anaheim Beautiful was formed more than four decades ago through the dedication and initiative of a small group of Anaheim citizens who wanted to better their community.  Although the faces have changed over the years, the purpose of the Board of Directors has remained the same: to work together toward achieving the organization’s mission.  In doing this, the current board members, several who have served the program for many years, use their talents, professional expertise and community connections to not only maintain the programs historically provided by Anaheim Beautiful, but also examine new ways to meet their goals in changing times.  Bringing together a diverse team of personalities and talents has proved very successful over the years for Anaheim Beautiful and continues to be the key to its success today.

Our Officers

Sandra Sagert
Becky Areias
Harold Ramey
Lisa Robles
Correspondence Secretary
Brenda McGuire
Recording Secretary

Committee Members & Program Directors

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProperty and Wipeout Awards


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMargie Hilgenfeld Tree Memorial Program/Thelma Jordan Scholarship Award                       ESTHER WALLACE



Campus Beautiful

Valerie Van DeZilver


"To initiate, encourage, promote and actively participate to preserve and enhance the beauty of Anaheim."

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 Anaheim Beautiful is new to social media.  We are really happy to be growing on Facebook and hope to join other social media platforms in the near future.  Keep an eye out.